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We understand your needs

Expert Pricing

Pricing is a balancing act.  You want the highest price possible but don’t want your home to sit on the market, which might raise questions about its salability.  We know what properties like yours have recently sold for.  We can tell whether your home–with its particular location, features, and condition–can fetch more or less than similar listings.  And we know whether the market is heating up or cooling down. (Click here to view our Sellers Guide...Note: Opens in a new window).

Laser Focus

Selling a well-loved home can be an emotional experience.  I can help keep you focused, provide objective feedback on changes or repairs you should make to help the home sell, and act as a buffer during negotiations.

Marketing Your Home

Castle Key Realty is a "small" company, but rest assured that when your home is marketed with us, your listing will be seen worldwide. Once placed in the MLS system, it not only will be seen on our website, but it will be seen on every real estate site and every real estate company's site that "feeds" from the MLS. Your listing will be everywhere!

Qualified Buyers

I can help determine whether buyers are serious by getting answers to important questions about buyers’ motivation and purchasing power, and by ensuring the buyers have prequalified for a mortgage.

Deal Finalization

Selling a house can be complicated, and there's a lot on your mind. You need us to oversee the details in communications, forms, inspection reports, appraisals, deeds, and insurance policies. There are hundreds of calls, emails, or texts in any transaction, and dropping the ball on any one of them can cause an avoidable delay or costly mistake.

“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity”

Douglas Adams


We'll start our interview with a few important questions to determine how to best place your home in front of every buyer and every agent who has a buyer who is looking for a home like yours. Contact us today!

View our Helpful Guide

Download our free guide to understand how buyers approach searching for a home, and how to successfully use the pricing process to make sure your buyer has the highest likelihood of seeing your home right away. Also included is our basic marketing plan that we can customize together.

Note: Clicking the icon above will automatically start the download process.

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